Leverage your achievements to beat your performance review or apply to jobs directly with Clarify.


With Clarify professionals can track the value they create and make conversations with their manager easier and palatable with time-bound results they've already proven they can deliver.
Need somewhere to start? You can find a detailed list of achievement examples here.
Clarify for iOS

Achievement Types

In Clarify you can add three types of achievements: Personal, Work/Project Contribution, or Growth/Skills Development. For simplicity sakes we've narrowed this list based on what matters most to employers.
Work / Project Contribution
Growth / Skills Development
Unique to you, great to keep you focused and motivated.
Beat your performance review or future job search.
Showcase your growth and skills.
Ex. Attended a new yoga class,
great for increased focus.
Ex. Delivered $100k in added
sales thru new customer service initiative
Ex. Promoted to Jr. Regional Account Manager
You can add and delete as many achievements as you like. There's no limit to the number of achievements you can add.


Personal achievements are visible only to you, employers do not get access to these. We only share Work and Growth achievements with employers when you use our 'Apply' feature and apply to jobs directly within the Clarify app.