Getting Started

Learn what you need to know to start sourcing and hiring with Clarify.
Getting started with Clarify is very easy. We'll walk you through and get you on your way to getting the most out of Clarify in just a few steps.
Note: This article and section is designed to get recruiting teams and hiring managers up to speed with Clarify. It is not designed for professionals, if you're an applicant please refer to our Achieve guide.

Company Profile

When you first sign up for Clarify you will be asked to complete you organizaiton's profile. This includes your organization's name, email address, website, logo, and street address. If you're the first person to signup for your organization you will automatically become the default team administrator.
You will also be able to setup your company's industry, team size, and company description. These details will be publicly facing and will be displayed on your company's career page.

Personal Profile

You'll next find your personal profile setup screen, here you will add your job title, upload your profile picture, and set your 4-digit support code.

Account Settings

Once your account is setup you can always adjust your company's settings by clicking on Profile Picture > Settings. Here you will find everything related to company preferences, integrations, billing, and more.

What's next?

Next you'll setup your Careers page, followed by your first Jobs post.