Posting on LinkedIn

Post your job posts on LinkedIn via web address.
While we work on a native integration with LinkedIn we've put this guide together to help you post your jobs and still gain the benefits of using Clarify.
When in your LinkedIn Job Posting Account, create your job post on LinkedIn as your normally would however when you get to the third step in the job posting process make sure to select 'External Website' in the 'Receive applicants by' chooser.
In your Clarify Jobs screen make sure to click the 'Options' menu for the job you'd like to post on LinkedIn and then click 'Share Job' and click on 'Copy job shortlink' or you can also click on 'More Share Options'.
If you clicked on 'More Share Options' your Clarify job post will open the 'Share & Distribute' tab, proceed to copy the URL by clicking 'Copy Link'.
Return to the LinkedIn job post creation process and paste the Clarify job post URL in the 'Website address' input. Click Continue and you're done!
Now all of your LinkedIn applicants will be routed to the Clarify application process. You'll be able to manage your applicants right from Clarify hassle free.